2015 18 K Rose Gold Rolex Yachtmaster II luxury sports watch

2015 Rolex Yachtmaster II luxury sports watch 2015 18 K Rose Gold Rolex Yachtmaster II luxury sports watch

2015 Rolex Yachtmaster II luxury sports watch

2015 Rolex Yacht master II is a sports luxury watch made by Rolex that was first unveiled in 2007 and first introduced in 2010, one year later they introduced another model that was made of steel and rose gold,At 2013, the watch was available for the first time in 904L steel, model 116680, fitted with a Cerachrom bezel insert in blue ceramic.ll Yacht-Master II models, regardless of metal variants, have a case diameter of 44mm. The bezel has a blue Cerachrom insert apart from on model 116689 which is exclusively platinum.[6] All Yacht-Masters have a screw down, Triplock crown and a sapphire crystal designed to be scratch resistant. Just enjoy it for a low price point of $19950.he Rolex 4161 movement is a chronograph movement with the complication of a programmable timer that counts down ten minutes. The countdown mechanism was primarily designed for regattas where the Starting sequence can last up to 10 minutes. The movement took 35,000 hours (nearly 4 years) to create and is made up from 360 parts.[4] The movement also has a 72-hour power reserve for when the watch is inactive.

The countdown mechanism is constructed using a column wheel that extends through the main plate and a vertical clutch. The mechanism makes it possible for the wearer to program in advance of and official countdown time and then start the timer once the countdown has begun and the mechanism can be programmed to count down 0 to 10 minutes. The countdown feature can be locked and unlocked by twisting the bezel through 90 degrees. The Yacht-Master II was one of the first watches in the world to have a bezel that worked in conjunction with the movement.

If the wearer has started the countdown either too early or too late then the countdown can be synchronized. By pressing the start/stop button, located at the 2 o’clock position, and then pressing the reset button, located at the 4 o’clock position, the minute countdown hand re-positions itself to the nearest minute while the seconds countdown hand returns to 0.[5]


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