Where do I get an amazing Engagement Ring in Frisco?


Where do I get an amazing Engagement Ring in Frisco?

engagement Where do I get an amazing Engagement Ring in Frisco?


The process of buying an Engagement ring can be a tiring process.  With just a little bit of consumer education this process will be enjoyable while saving thousands of dollars.   When any customer decides to come in our store luxamart and view some of our beautiful collections we happily assist in each step of the way.  The following will show how this process actually works and how to work the process itself.

Step One:

Search the internet and talk with friends to see how people’s experiences have been with certain jewelers.  Reviews on Google, Yelp and any other reputable company are wonderful ways to measure a businesses performance.  We are very proud at luxamart to have the highest ratings in frisco when considering any type of jewelry purchase or sale.  Once you have identified one or more business that can meet your needs call to make an appointment to come in and begin the process of finding your perfect diamond Engagement ring.

Step Two:

Once you have arrived safely at the business (hopefully ours) come inside and the jeweler will be prepared to start showing you options for different Engagement rings.  As a buyer it is a great idea to have an idea of what size, cut and clarity that suits your taste.  There are dozens of different types of cuts on diamond rings.  From princess, radiant, round, brilliant, emerald and many more it is a good idea to know what type you are leaning toward.  A little time on the internet before coming to the store will save lots of time and give you the opportunity to look and think without any distractions.

Step Three:

Now that we have decided which cut of diamond is the best for you it is time to find a setting that will accommodate that specific Engagement ring.  Settings for Engagement rings come in several different varieties.  Some heads of rings have halo diamonds surrounding the solitaire giving the ring a shinier appearance.  Also, the sides of the ring can be surrounded in diamonds such as the very popular infinity design.  The other decision that will be important at this point in the sales process will be the karat of the metal.  This can vary from 10K, 14K, 18K, 24K and platinum.

Step Four:

Clarity in diamonds directly effect the price of the gemstone which is what everyone is really looking at in a diamonds. The clarity scale of diamonds is an alphabetical scale ranging from A being the highest and further down the scale respectively.  Knowing these simple tips will ensure you are making a wise purchase and hopefully make your experience a happy one to remember for years.

Come in to luxamart today for the greatest value for your jewelry needs!  We buy, sell and repair diamond rings, gold, silver, platinum and coins.  We also sell and buy and repair luxury watches, Engagement rings, necklaces and much more.  We are located in booming frisco, TX at Lebanon and Preston Rd.  

4944 Preston Rd Suite #116

frisco,TX 75034


We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!!!!




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