How to Choose an Engagement Ring


How to Choose an Engagement Ring How to Choose an Engagement Ring

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Looking for the right Engagement ring can be tough. There are lots of rings and stones to choose from. However, the experience doesn’t have to be tedious and dreadful. If you have the right knowledge about what to look for in an Engagement ring, you will be able to choose the right one without going over your budget. Below are some tips that can help you find the perfect ring for your future bride.

Find Out her Preferences

The Engagement ring must be according to the preferences of your fiancé and not the other way around. You should give her something that she will love, and at the same time keep it a surprise. The way to do so is to look at her other rings and favorite jewelry items. You should look at the style, color, bands and size of her rings.

Another way to know more about her preferences is to ask her family and friends for ideas. You’ll be in luck if she has talked about them about rings that she likes. Or maybe you can indirectly ask her about her preferences without arousing her suspicions. You can do so by making a comment about a friend’s Engagement ring and ask her about her opinions about it, as well as her preferences.

You should also consider her preferences on gemstones. While most women love diamonds on their Engagement rings, there are some women who want other types of stone. For them, diamonds are so clichéd and want alternative stones such as sapphire and emeralds.

Shop for the Real Ring Together

There is a trend today where men propose without a ring or with a simple engagement band. Then they will shop for the actual Engagement ring together as a couple. That way your bride to be will get the ring she wants without having to pick something that is expensive by yourself.

Picking the Band

The band is an important element of the Engagement ring. It is often made from silver, platinum or gold, but there are bands that are made from other metal combinations. However, it should be noted that metals rub and wear against each other, and that’s why it is recommended to wear the same type of metal next to each other.

When buying the ring, tradition has it that it should cost at least two months of one’s salary. But this is a foolish notion. You should buy an Engagement ring that you can afford without having to get a loan for it. That’s why it is important that you set a budget and work from there. Look for a wider cut that will make the stone bigger. You can also save money by buying antique rings and stones, instead of a new one.

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