Which coins have value?

value  Which coins have value?



IF you want decent money for your coins luxamart is here to help. For all those people who have preserved old gold coins for decades, it’s now time to get a bag full of Cash in exchange. Take out those coins you have been preserving as it’s unbelievably true that a quarter from 1964 is now worth $3, and a dime worth $1.(Value)

Coin collection has always been a fascinating hobby of people around the globe. Numismatics, the term referred to the collection of money including coins has become dramatically famous as gold prices rise in value. The collecting of gold coins has existed for many centuries.

Today, as gold price is rocketing so is the worth of all these old gold coins. Now the gold coins hidden in your closet will pay you more than just a scrap of your jewelry. There is a huge variety of coins that people are exchanging including American Gold Coins, Canadian coins, and Mexican coins. The list below shows some of the old gold coins worth more than $10.

Half Cent-1793-1857

The minimum value of the Half-cent American coin is worth around $40.

Large American Cent- 1793-1857

For all the American treasure collectors, enjoy the high value of large cent starting from $18.

Indian Penny:

The coins which are in better condition are worth $10. While the range of Indian coins starts from $1.30.

Furthermore, there are a few factors that calculate the worth of your old gold coin or the price you are about to receive from the dealer. You should get educated about the coins you possess. The important aspects involved in buying and selling of gold coins are gathered bellow:


It is defined as the amount of mint present in the coin. The quantity of mintage of your coin calculates its price. The dealer checks for the mintage number while calculating the worth.


Coins which are rare to find are more valuable. Moreover, different factors and trends also affect the demand for the coin.

Melt Value

The third factor which determines the worth of your coin depends on its melt current price. For most collectors, the melt value is important to note when paying off for the coin. For instance, coins belonging to the era of the early 1960s contained a greater composition of the metal.


Uncirculated coins are considered best for buying and selling as they generate good cash. If the coin you possess is damaged, then check the grading guides before heading to meet the dealer.

Hence, if you have a collection of oldest gold in the best quality, then exchange it to get a handsome amount. Whether in the shape of jewelry or coin, investing in gold has always proved to be beneficial. Regardless of where you bought your gold from, you can always get it exchanged for bundles of cash. Find a reputable gold dealer now or consult a jeweler to inquire about your gold coins.

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