Complete Buying Guide When Buying Jewelry


Complete Buying Guide When Buying Jewelry Complete Buying Guide When Buying Jewelry


Complete Buying Guide When Buying Jewelry


If you’re a woman who works hard for herself and her family, who constantly meets new people and explore the world, then you should definitely have jewelries at your side. A lot of woman waits for their lover or friend to give them jewelry as a gift. But, as an independent and strong woman, you are entitled to get and buy all the things that you want to have, especially jewelry.


Buying your first jewelry piece can be a little confusing, especially when you’re looking at different stores around your area. But do not despair, because this complete buying guide will help you buy your jewelry collection piece by piece.


Discover Your Own Style


When choosing which type of jewelry you’ll buy and collect, it’s important that you know your wardrobe style. It won’t be appropriate if you buy lots of gold jewelry if your constant wardrobes are sporty. The first thing that you should know when buying jewelry is if it fits properly with the clothes that you wear.


Here are some of the questions that you can ask yourself to know your style:


  • Do you wear heels and conservative suits or do you prefer casual clothes every day?
  • Do you prefer cocktail dresses during the weekends or sporty clothing?
  • Do you tend to wear feminine clothing or more like minimalists?


Whether you plan to wear your jewelry every day or just in special occasion, it’s important that it will look great with your style which is why you should understand your overall clothing.


Would You Go for the Basics or Just Adding Some Jewelry to Your Collection?


The jewelries that you buy will also differ when you’re going for the basic jewelry or just adding some pieces to your collection. The basic jewelry would usually include a simple ring, a necklace, watch and a bracelet. But if you already have these basic jewelries, then you would need to find special jewelries that would fit special occasions.


  • Budget


Buying jewelries are also considered as an investment, so you would need to choose wisely and within your budget limit. If you’re a working woman who has a permanent work, then it’s best that you put a portion of your salary into a savings account until you reach the time where you can buy the jewelry that you like. If you also receive a raise or a salary bonus, then it would be the perfect time to reward yourself.


  • Protecting Your Jewelry


If you have already bought some jewelry or still planning to, it’s also important that you ask if the jewelry that you like comes with a warranty. This will ensure that if ever there would be a scratch or the jewelry becomes broken, you’re entitled to let the seller repair or replace it. You should also remember to regularly clean your jewelry so that it would stay bright as possible.

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