Is it easy to customize my own Engagement Ring?


Is it easy to customize my own Engagement Ring?

engagement ring  Is it easy to customize my own Engagement Ring?

Here at luxamart Jewelry in frisco,TX we enjoy the process of making the perfect custom Engagement rings.  This is a process that is much easier than many people may think.  It is always important to select a jewelry store that is reputable and good at what they do.   The fastest and easiest way to check what others are saying about each store check any online reviews available.  This is a great, free and easy way to ensure you know which place will have the best customer service.  We personally are very experienced yet still open minded to ideas and designs.  No idea is a bad idea at our store and we can easily check to see if your idea is practical.  When you decide which store to shop definitely bring some sample pictures or ideas that give us a starting point in the design.  Having pictures of something that strikes your eye can be the cornerstone of a great design.

Is it easy to customize my own Engagement Ring?

The next step in the process of designing your Engagement ring is selecting which type of diamond you want as your center stone.  There are several different types of cuts of diamond that are all unique in their own great ways.  Knowing which cut you prefer is also a good idea when coming in to the store to design your engagement.  The next thing to always ask when you are buying a loose stone is what is the clarity.  Following clarity, color is the next important element of your diamond.  The color scale descends from A-Z appropriately.  This is a process that you want to give yourself a head start and begin around 2 months in advance.  This gives plenty of time for the design, revisions, sample wax molding and finally casting.  When you are in the store shopping it is important to try on all types and varieties of Engagement rings.

Nobody knows what looks best other than yourself.  Remember this is an Engagement ring you hopefully wear your whole life.  That being said this is worth taking your time and making the right decision.  Also, many people get tired of their original design five to ten years down the road and want a different look.  When we run into this problem there is no need to worry.  We can use your original stone and add it to a more desired setting.  This would not be a complete redesign and a great way to make your Engagement ring grow in beauty with time.  You deserve to treat yourself to something nice and this is definitely a lasting way to accomplish that.

Come in to luxamart today for the greatest value for your jewelry needs!  We buy, sell and repair diamond rings, gold, silver, platinum and coins.  We also sell and buy and repair luxury watches, Engagement rings, necklaces and much more.  We are located in booming frisco, TX at Lebanon and Preston Rd.  

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