How to Get the Most When Selling Your Estate Jewelry




How to Get the Most When Selling Your Estate Jewelry How to Get the Most When Selling Your Estate Jewelry


Selling jewelry is a great way to cash in on items that you rarely or never use or wear. Second hand or used jewelry is usually referred to as estate jewelry, by industry experts. When it comes to selling estate jewelry it is important to point out that the value may not be what you expect it to be. This is partly due to the fact that the jewelry is used. Most people view jewelry items such as wedding rings as personal items and have various superstitions that persuade them from buying a used pair.


There are other factors affecting the value estate jewelry commands. Read on to find out some of the main factors influencing the amount you can expect to receive in exchange for your old jewelry items.


Out of Fashion or Antique


Jewelry items are designed according to the prevailing fashion trends. This means that just like any other fashion, these items may be overtaken by time and with it their appeal. When selling out of fashion jewelry items, you should only expect to get the intrinsic value (i.e. value of materials used).


On the other hand, some fashions and designs are timeless. Jewelry items bearing such deigns never go out of fashion, instead becoming antiques. Antiques command a huge premium over and above the intrinsic value.


Be sure to find out whether your estate jewelry items are out of fashion or antiques before selling them off to have an idea of their value.




The condition of the estate jewelry determines its value when being sold off. It is important to note that damaged jewelry items may be fixable or not. Items that are fixable should be repaired before being sold off so as to get as much as possible from the sale. On the other hand, items that cannot be fixed will only attract prices in the region of their intrinsic value and nothing more.




Before you start showing off your estate jewelry to buyers, it is important that you take the time to clean them up. This ensures that the items are in perfect condition, showing off their appeal. Since the materials used tend to have specific cleaning procedures, it is recommended that you enlist the help of a professional to avoid damaging them and diminishing their value.


Gems and Diamonds


Another factor that affects the amount you can expect to receive in exchange for your estate jewelry is the stones used. Gems and diamonds tend to enhance the value of jewelry items; however, this is only true where the stones are genuine. Be sure to determine the nature of the gems and diamonds used on your estate jewelry items by consulting professionals before assigning them any value.


With the above tips in mind, you can be sure of getting a fair return on your estate jewelry upon sale.

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