Rolex Watch Bands for Sale in Frisco


Rolex Watch Bands for Sale in Frisco

oyster watch strap Rolex Watch Bands for Sale in Frisco


Introduced by Rolex in the 1930’s, the Oyster bracelet is an absolute classic in every sense of the word. The Oyster is characterized by its long and thick three-piece link design, and is by far the most popular bracelet model available. It has premiered on nearly every Rolex model to date, and has gained a massive following as a result. While its storied history is one reason for its success, many people swear by it for its sheer functionality. The wide center bar makes each link strong and less prone to stretching, so the bracelet is exceedingly durable. Furthermore, the relatively small number of links reduces the number of possible break points. This does come at a cost, however; the reduced number of swivel points makes the strap feel a bit stiff in comparison to other bracelets.

Aside from this minor problem, the Oyster bracelet is a great choice for nearly any watch. The hefty links are often more proportionate on a large watch, but it looks great on a smaller one, too. The Oyster has a vast and interesting history, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re interested in experimenting with bracelets, this is a great first step!


President watch strap Rolex Watch Bands for Sale in Frisco


Originally worn on the Rolex Day-Date in 1956, the President bracelet received its name from its close association with Dwight D. Eisenhower. As the story goes, Rolex offered Mr. Eisenhower the company’s 150,000th certified chronometer as a token of respect, which he gladly accepted. The relative width of each link piece is similar to that of the Oyster, but there is a drastic difference in the number of total links. The President bracelet is markedly denser than the Oyster, so each link is much shorter in comparison. This eliminates the problem of stiffness, but it does present a potential problem in terms of durability. The increase in total links also leads to a direct increase in probable break points, but this should not be a major concern. You might notice a small amount of stretching after extensive wear, but this depends entirely on the quality of the strap, not its link construction.

The President bracelet is considerably more formal than the Oyster due to its compact links. This also increases the strap’s versatility, since it can be dressed up and down more easily. For this reason, it is an excellent choice when versatility is a primary concern. It typically works best with small- to medium-sized watches, but this comes down to personal preference.

jubilee watch strap Rolex Watch Bands for Sale in Frisco


The Jubilee bracelet was first introduced in 1945 for Rolex’s 40th anniversary – it premiered on the Datejust, one of Rolex’s most renowned dress watches. Though it was at first only available in gold, steel and two-tone versions were released soon after.  The Jubilee is characterized by three narrow, highly polished links situated between the thick, matte finish side links. The total number of links is identical to that of the President bracelet, but the central portion tends to appear narrower due to its triple-wide construction. When placed on a watch, the Jubilee draws attention to the center of the watch face, minimizing the footprint on the wrist. The two-tone variations exacerbate this effect, especially when the central links are a different color than the watch case. As such, a Jubilee bracelet (be it of mono- or duo-tone construction) is an excellent choice for large and small watches alike, since it brings out the best qualities in both.

The only true problem with the Jubilee is its propensity towards stretching over long periods of time. Just like the President, the Jubilee’s small links reduce its structural integrity. After a while, the pins holding each link together tend to expand and loosen, gradually extending past the wearer’s true wrist size. Thankfully, modern construction capabilities have fixed many of the structural problems, so the slightly decreased durability is only visible on vintage models. Unless you put it through some serious abuse, you should never have to worry about a Jubilee strap wearing out.

Rolex Buying Guide Rolex Watch Bands for Sale in Frisco

Why buy Rolex?

If you’ve been thinking of spoiling yourself with a luxury purchase such as a Rolex watch, you may be interested in learning if it’s worth the investment. When considering buying a Rolex just like any other larger purchases, you want to consider the value and how that correlates in term of quality.

buy Rolex Watch Bands for Sale in Frisco


Rolex as a Luxury Brand


When you look into the various luxury brands of watches, Rolex is usually on the top of the list.  Just like any other investment you make such as cars and houses it takes some research to figure out if you are investing in something that has the potential to make you money in the future.


In terms of the luxury brands, a Rolex watch could be a much bigger investment than all the others. They tend to hold their value very well throughout the years.  Making this a very smart buy.  Additionally, many people value the Rolex brand. The more people that like it, the higher in value it will continue to climb.


Because of the recognition that a Rolex watch has, the more trend it will continue to gain.  The wonderful thing about trends is that when they continue to rise, they will become much more valuable down the road.


If you are considering purchasing a Rolex watch you might want to choose one that has either a platinum or gold watch band. These are both metals that have been predicated to rise in their value in the coming years.

Rolex Watch Bands for Sale in Frisco

Vintage Watches


Many investors in Rolex watches today like to focus on their historic value. Older style watches often have a unique appearance and set of features that can be worth its weight in gold, literally. While they are also a great investment, they are not one that you would like to wear out often.


Newer Rolex Watches


If instead you are looking for a piece to show off, you will want to consider the purchase of a new watch. Even though they may not be worth as much as the vintage ones, they still make a great investment as they will continue to increase in value many years to come. They are also an item that you can pass down through the generations to leave a memento from when you were alive.




  • When it comes to thinking about purchasing a Rolex watch, you want to do your research ahead of time. It’s an investment like other large investments that can shape the way you see things in the future in terms of finances. Making the right decision, on which style to purchase, is also crucial to your future investment. Enjoy a variety of styles that will allow you to find just the right one for your personality. You also could contact the experts at luxamart Jewelry Exchange with any question you may have we are here to answer your questions and guide you true the process and help you find the best Deal on Rolex, please contact us at 469.579.4077 Or 1(844)524-4653 If you have any questions about buying any jewelry. Please visit us at for additional details and promotions.

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