How do I save money when shopping for jewelry?


How do I save money when shopping for jewelry?

jewelry How do I save money when shopping for jewelry?

luxamart Jewelry Exchange is one of the best true hidden gems in the blossoming city of frisco,TX.  We have wonderful jewelry and luxury timepieces available for pennies on the dollar.  Our store offers unbeatable prices with the best customer service in the industry.  Providing the highest level of customer service for clients ensures your purchase is one that really works for you and your budget.  The outstanding quality of jewelry we are able to offer is always fairly and honestly priced.  The jewelry industry itself is known for inflated priced and/or low quality products.  This is where we are able to step in and shine to show our clients that beautiful jewelry and timepieces don’t have to break the bank.  Having access to a very deep active list of high quality vendors gives luxamart Jewelry Exchange the versatility that is necessary on today’s jewelry market.  When anyone is interested on a specific item from a vendor, please come and check with us in the store first.  Often times we are able to order the item from the vendor for you and get the desired item at a lower cost because we very well may have a business connection there.  With our ability of buying and selling gold, silver, platinum and watches, we are able to provide some of the best prices in DFW.  Many places that offer to buy gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other items only offer a fraction of the money we provide.  Always check with us first or get one or two offers so you can make an educated decision on which store is the most profitable to sell to.  This could be anything to old or broken items that is not being utilized to fine jewelry with original purchase and appraisal documents.  When we are able to purchase any item at a discounted price that exact discount is preserved and passed on directly to our clients.  This makes a harmonious environment where everyone comes out a winner.  Each and every client at luxamart Jewelry Exchange is very important to our success and growth which does not do unnoticed.  Return customers are the largest part of our customer base which makes shopping in our store an experience that has welcomed familiarity in each visit.  Taking time and understanding the types of items our customers buy and have interest in helps direct our focus when buying jewelry on the open market.  Having this knowledge allows luxamart to stay current with fashion and jewelry trend which guarantees our inventory meet all of your expectations.  We have a large inventory of fine jewelry and timepieces at our retail location at 4944 Preston Road Suite #116 frisco,TX, or feel free to visit our online store.  We look forward to meeting you at our store!!!

How do I save money when shopping for jewelry?


Come in to luxamart today for the greatest value for your jewelry needs!  We buy, sell and repair and clean diamond rings, gold, silver, platinum and coins to help with investment.  We also sell and buy and repair luxury watches, Engagement rings, necklaces and much more.  We are located in booming frisco, TX at Lebanon and Preston Rd.  

4944 Preston Rd Suite #116

frisco,TX 75034


We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!!!!


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