Since the beginning of time jewelry has been a major part of human culture. From the time when humans used leaves for covering their body, stones, wood, animal skins, seashells and other materials from plants were used to make jewelry. Over the centuries, trends have evolved hugely. Every decade is signified with its unique trend in jewelry.

With the advancement in technology, artisans started soldering and taming precious metals to manufacture beautiful jewelry sets. Pearls were fitted and various types of stones were introduced to the industry. However; the purpose remains same – it expresses love, showcase wealth, religious affiliation, affection or rank.

The many trends from 1997 to date are gathered below which highlights its transformation in material, style, choice of stones and its sizes.

1990’s trends were dominated by fun, courageous and classy collections. It was mostly adopted by youngsters. The pretty, feisty collection includes punk rock chokers, funky bracelets, ear pieces, silver rings, necklaces, and other items manufactured using colorful stones. This period was full of bright and colorful collections. Materials like silver and plastic were widely utilized.

Stones including glass and quartz were used to make rings that could show different color change: usually called “mood rings.” The addition of beads was common too. Among the many designs, some of the most popular designs were choker necklaces, body jewelry, and male items like rings, ear piece, and necklaces. During the late 1990s, floral motifs enjoyed much fame.

The 2000’s era was welcomed with bold, big and royal trends. Big beaded necklaces and bracelets became popular. Moreover, wood was also reintroduced in the fashion industry, and pretty texturing on wood and a combination of wood with beads was used. Among the popular colors, pink, blue, and pastel colored accessories were on the top charts. Bold designs included solid colors (black, brown) and large patterns.

By 2010, rhinestones, diamonds and stones like ruby became popular. The material involved in jewelry was gold, silver, plastic and wood. Whereas, the most adopted designs were big hoop earrings, cuffs as bracelets, cocktail rings, layered chain necklaces, multicolored bangles, beaded anklets, along with the all-time favorite choker necklaces.

At present, the trends in fashion are stated as non-restricted and diversified. People are infusing antique stones in modern jewelry, pretty tiaras are in fashion, beaded with pearls and gemstones. Moreover, men’s jewelry is at its peak too which includes sophisticated watches, rings, chains, and earrings. Many celebrities are introducing trendy stones and pearls. Multilayered long necklaces, statement necklaces having big pendants, wide collection of chokers encompassing gold, black pendant, tattoo, plastic chokers, single earrings with fascinating beads and pearls, and exquisitely manufactured ear cuffs are the most favorable trends in 2017.

Fashion trends evolve with time. Today, the top trends in jewelry constitute bold colors, elegant and stylish designs, expensive stones, and beautiful pearls to make an eye-popping piece. Blend these trends in your jewelry collection and flaunt your flattering personality this year.

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