Where can I find Versus watches by Versace?


Where can I find Versus watches by Versace?

versus  Where can I find Versus watches by Versace?

luxamart Jewelry Exchange in frisco, TX proudly carries Versus Watches by Versace.  Known for the design with bold colors for men, women and children Versus is always a step ahead in fashion.  Versus began in 1989, as the first diffusion line of Versace. It was created as a gift, from founder Gianni Versace to his little sister, Donatella. The Versus line was given to Donatella to express her own individuality through, and model it on the rock-chic persona she was so fond of.For almost 15 years, Versus Versace had a strong presence in the fashion industry. It previewed in Milan in 1990, and each season’s collection Versus since then boosted similar, eye-catching designs. From clothing to watches, eye-wear and accessories, Versus burst out of the shadow of the larger Versace brand and made an impression with its own label.  We have a large variety of Versus Watches at our retail and online stores.

Versace Brand Profile, History and Timeline:


Versace was imagined and spearheaded by Gianni Versace back in 1978. During his reign as the head of the royal family of Italian fashion, Gianni Versace took fashion from the arts and theatre to rock n roll and haute couture. After his tragic death, his younger sister, Donatella Versace, took over as creative director and has added a flare that only a divine female can. With a true understanding of how the feminine body curves and moves, she has certainly made her brother’s legacy proud. Today, Versace is worn by the elite and the biggest stars in Hollywood. From plunging necklines, to bold prints, and structured design, Versus watches, when Versace is worn the world knows.

Versace has secured its spot as a family owned business that has taken innovation to the next level, going so far as to collaborate with Lamborghini and high rise apartments. For a company that has been around for 33 years, they never cease to excite, amaze, and keep the world talking.

Versace Timeline:

  • 1978- Gianni Versace launches The Gianni Versace Company with a women’s collection in Milan under the name Gianni Versace Donna. The first boutique is opened in Milan’s Via Della Spiga.
  • Fun Fashion Fact: There are now 81 stores worldwide, and 123 retail sections in major high-end department stores. Gianni Versace is said to be the engineer of fashion in pop culture by combining art, fashion, rock n roll, and theatre.
  • 1979- Versace collaborates Richard Avedon with for the company’s first photography campaign. Over the years Versace would collaborate with Avedon many times.
  • Fun Fashion Fact: Gianni’s younger sister, Donatella, helped supervise the photography campaign. She was said to be his muse.
  • 1982- Versace’s ‘Orton’ – a metal chain-mail invented by Versace – is launched in his collection presented at the Paris Opera. Gianni Versace also begins his ongoing collaboration with La Scala Theatre, Milan, designing costumes for the ballet production of Josephslegende.
  • Fun Fashion Fact: Since then Versace has designed for several theatre productions such as, Donizetti’s Don Pasquale (1984), Bob Wilson’s Salome (1987), and Doktor Faust (1989). In addition to theatre productions, Versace designed for many Béjart ballets from 1984-1989.
  • 1985- Gianni Versace’s first exhibition in the UK is held at the Victoria and Albert Museum. During this year Versace is also awarded the Silver Mask Award for his contribution to theatre.
  • 1986- Versace’s first decade of creativity retrospective is held at the National Field museum of Chicago. In Paris, Gianni Versace’s Lens Exhibition is held at the Musee de la Mode. This exhibition illustrated Versace’s collaboration with various international photographers. This list includes Avedon, Newton, Weber, Penn, and Barbieri. During this eventful year for the house of Versace, Gianni Versace is awarded the ‘Grande Medialle de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris’ by Jaques Chirac, marking the first time this award has ever been given to a designer.
  • Fun Fashion Fact: This award is the equivalent of making an individual an honorary French citizen. The mayor of Paris usually gives this award.
  • 1989- Versace launches its first Haute Couture collection in Paris and opens Atelier Versace. The “Dresses for Thought” exhibition from Versace is based on Gianni Versace’s 25 years in the fashion and theatre industry and is held at the Sforzesco Castle in Milan.
  • Fun Fashion Fact: Versace versus Couture is the main line within the Versace versus Group Company. The Versace Collection is the label’s second high-end collection, which is geared towards a younger group.
  • 1991- The ‘Supermodel Phenomenon’ is born when Versace sent all the top models down the catwalk for his 1991/1992 collections for the Autumn/Winter season. The Dresses for Thought exhibit moves to Kobe, Japan. Versace also enters into a partnership with the Italian tailoring specialists, Zegna, to create a company called Versus. Versus produces the Versace Collection.
  • 1992- The design house continues its work with stage productions and designs costumes for Elton John’s world tour and album cover. The Fashion Institute of New York shows the exhibition ‘Versace Signatures’. The Versace Home collection is launched and includes sheets, pillows and cases.
  • 1993- Versace was awarded the first American fashion Oscar from the CFDA in New York City. Versace versus launches their first children’s line called ‘young Versace’.
  • 1994- The spotlight was on Versace versus once again when Elizabeth Hurley wore the infamous safety pin dress to the opening of Hugh Grant’s movie ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’. The Versace Fine Jewelry Line is launched.
  • 1995- At the Metropolitan Museum of New York holds the Haute Couture group exhibition featuring Versace, Chanel, Balenciaga and Dior. The first versus fashion show is held in New York.
  • 1996- Versace’s Casa Casuarina, Miami is awarded the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation for the best renovation work.
  • 1997- Gianni Versace dies in Miami, Florida on July 15. Gianni’s sister Donatella, is named Creative Director of the Versace versus Group. Donatella started with the group as accessories designer, and then moved on to design the groups’ first children’s collection ‘Young Versace’ in 1993.
  • NOT SO FUN FACT: Gianni Versace was killed by Andrew Cunanan, a serial killer who ultimately took his life after murdering Gianni Versace.
  • 1998- Donatella Versace is the fashion co-chair for ‘Fire and Ice’-a Night of Diamonds- the annual fund-raising even for the Women’s Cancer Research program.
  • 1999- ‘Diamonds are Forever’: The Millennium Celebration in the presence of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, is co-hosted by Versace and De-Beers.
  • 2000- The Palazzo Versace 6 star resort on the Australian Gold Coast opens. For Maurice Bejart’s ballet “L’Enfant Rol”, Donatella Versace creates Alterier Versace costumes.
  • Fun Fashion Fact: Jennifer Lopez brings Versace into the media spotlight when she wore the Jungle Dress to the 2000 Grammy Awards. The plunging neckline was seen as scandalous (I loved it).
  • 2004- Donatella Versace is awarded the Bambi for Fashion Award in Hamburg.
  • 2005- Donatella Versace is the face for the first Breast Health Institute International advertising campaign. The campaign was to promote breast health awareness and prevention.
  • 2006- Gianni Versace Spa and TAG Group announce collaboration for the ‘Versace Design’ interior design for jets. At the Mazzuchelli Museum in Brescia, Italy, an exhibition that portrays Gianni Versace’s relationship between fashion and the arts is on display. The exhibit is called ‘Versace. A Man With a Genius for Fashion and the Arts.’ Adding to an already eventful year, Teatro is inaugurated during the Milan women’s ready-to-wear Spring/Summer fashion week and a private Prince concert. Lamborghini and Gianni Versace Spa collaborate and announce the launch of the Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 Versace car.
  • 2007- The city of Beverly Hills and the Rodeo Drive Committee award Gianni Versace and Donatella Versace The Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award for their contribution to the world of fashion and entertainment. Gianni Versace Spa and Agusta Helicopters announces the launch of collaboration for ‘Versace Design’ bespoke interior design service for private helicopters. Gianni Versace spa and Elad Properties announces Versace Home Couture first model residences at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Gianni Versace spa and the City of Milan holds the Gianni Versace Ten Year Memorial Ballet with Maurice Bejart at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala. Donatella Versace receives Best Designer of the Year from GQ Germany.
  • 2008- Gianni Versace Spa sponsored the exhibition Richard Avedon, Photographs 1946-2004 Forma, in Milan. The International Center for Photography. Donatella Versace is inaugurated as Chairperson for the Fashion Fringe 2008. The Versace Group also partners with the Attie Group, which will provide exclusive interior design for the Vita Tower in Panama. The Versace Group also partners with Africa Israel to do interior design for 55 residential apartments, common areas, a spa, and an exclusive club in Africa Israel’s landmark building, The Clock Tower at 5 Madison Avenue, in New York. Versace continues it’s sponsorships by sponsoring the Whitney Museum Charity Gala in New York, and the Jet Li One Foundation Versace’s Children’s center in Sichuan Province, in China. This center specialized in psychological post trauma relief. Donatella Versace visits this location personally. She is also awarded Fashion Group’s International Superstar Award.

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