Tips before Seeking a Watch Repair Service


Tips before Seeking for a Watch Repair Service Tips before Seeking a Watch Repair ServiceTips for Watch Repair Service


During the year 1700’s, the repair and the production of the watches are only conducted in small establishments by the watchmen.  Additionally, the parts of these handmade watches are not interchangeable; they are especially designed to fit a particular watch.  So in case you wanted a watch repair back then, you have to surrender all the parts that need a replacement. But the case is different today, new innovations on mechanism have made it possible for the layman to understand the watch repair.  Before you decide to take it into a watchmaker, consider checking some of the things that can commonly cause the problems.



Things to Check before Taking Your Watch on a Watch Repair Service

Tips before Seeking a Watch Repair Service

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If you have Quartz, the most common source of problem can be found on the battery of the watch.  Never assume that the battery will not cause the problem just because the watch is new.  There is a possibility that an old battery was used for your new watch.  Test the battery first before you even take your watch on a watch repair service.


Contacts of the Battery


Another factor to check would be the metal contacts of the battery.  Also, check if there is an accumulation of dust and dirt on the compartment of the battery.  In order to check the contacts, use a magnifying glass when examining it.  There may be a possibility that the battery is not properly seating on the contact which prevents the watch from working.  When you want to test the metal contacts, you should first remove the battery and use cotton to clean the contact.  In case, you can see a gunk on the contact, use very fine sandpaper and gently rub the contact that will surely clean the dust and dirt on the connection.


Checking the Moist


Your watch has a tendency to react on the recent weather.  In case you are seeing a certain level of condensation on the outer layer of the watch especially on the glass, then the moist may affect the functionality of your watch.  Carefully remove the covering of the watch and use a hairdryer to dry the watch.


Air pressure


Unless you have a luxury watch that is made with impenetrable system such as Rolex, there is a possibility that the interior mechanism of your watch has accumulated a lot of dust that prevents it from functioning properly.  Watches should be well maintained, you should perform a cleaning on it at least once a year.  However, the mechanism of the watch is very delicate that may be damaged once you failed to execute the right maintenance.  One great way in cleaning it would be to use an air pressure to evacuate the dirt and dust on your watches.


A watch is a precious part of your everyday work.  It is not just a form of accessory, but it reminds you when things are need to be done. Contact the experts at luxamart Jewelry Exchange at 469-579-4077 to Ask any questions you may have or to make an appointment for your Free Estimate evaluation or estimate .  Repair service offed.

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